Warrior BDS vs. Naruto

naruto_and_sasuke warriorbds_poster

Can I just say that I have discovered two series that mirror each other quite interestingly? They are the perfect examples of the following popular literary tropes:

  1. The immature, talented male lead.

naruto warriorbds_baek
aruto is pretty famous so I won’t explain long. He is hot-headed, hates to lose, considered a troublemaker, and doesn’t think too much before leaping into action. Same can be said for Baek Dong-soo, titular protagonist of the Kdrama Warrior Baek Dong-soo. He dreams of being the strongest swordsman in Korea, but that goal seems pretty far off when he’s too busy messing around or bragging about his own skills. Still, they both carry a tragic family backstory, and have experienced their fair share of loneliness and pain, and they are willing to work hard for the sake of accomplishing their dreams.

2. The mature, not-quite-as-talented-but-still-strong rival and antagonist.

naruto_sasuke Yuh Un
he actual fan favorites (lol). Sasuke has twice the number of fangirls as Naruto, probably. Woon has the same concept – the cool, collected, mature guy whose martial arts skills initially surpass those of the actual male lead of the series. These guys have a clear path set out for them (Sasuke – revenge. Woon – become the heavenly leader of the assassin clan or something like that), and are willing to kill others and betray their friends in order to achieve it. They also have long, straight black hair and seem to favor darker colored outfits.

3. The cool teacher that everyone loves and respects (bonus points because both of them are handicapped – Kakashi is “missing” an eye, and Master Swordsman is missing his left arm).

Naruto_Kakashi01 warriorbds_teacher
hese men are from the last generation – the remnants of those that are long dead and buried. They carry the history of their dead comrades on their shoulders, and look out for the young ones in their own awkward, spartan, but caring way. Considered extremely skilled in what they do (which is fighting), they contribute to the male lead’s character growth in many ways.

4. The character growth of the male lead.

naruto2 warriorbds_baek2
fter going through some serious crap (*ahem* I mean, troubles), Naruto and Dong-soo show remarkable growth in both their martial arts and in their level of maturity. They struggle with the moralities of right and wrong, learn about their destinies, and become strong for the sake of protecting the people around them. Wow, that sounds cheesy. But that’s literally what they do, and this is arguably the best part of the series. Watching the bratty little kid grow into a hero. It’s greatly satisfying, even if you get a little sad that you won’t really get to see all the hilarious scenes of Naruto or Dong-soo being an idiot and getting into trouble.

warriorbaekdongso naruto_and_sasuke

So yeah! The parallels were too obvious not to share.

Image credits to soompi.com, dramabeans, wikipedia, naruto.gamehop.com, comicvine, naruto.wikia, and Google images.


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