East from the West

“As far as the east is from the west
So far have You taken our sins from us
And as high as the heavens are over the earth
So great is Your steadfast love toward us”

– Chorus from Sovereign Grace Music “Psalm 103”

First, you must listen to this wonderful song at this site: click here.

Inspired by Psalm 103, this song caught my attention a few weeks ago, and has been officially stuck spinning around in my brain ever since…(help)

Singing this song always reminds me of a snippet of a sermon I heard a few years back. Though I sadly can’t remember who the preacher was, something he said really struck me (paraphrased):

“The Psalmist who wrote this song meant precisely what he said when he compared the distance between our forgiven selves and our past sins to that of the distance between “East” and “West.” Imagine for a moment if the Psalmist sang “As far as the North is from the South” instead. A look at the world globe reveals that the distance between North and South is finite – we can locate the exact positions of the North Pole and the South Pole, and measure that length. It would be something like half the diameter of the planet Earth: approximately 12,430 miles.


However, things like the “East Pole” and the “West Pole” don’t really exist. You can continue traveling East, or West, and ever actually hit that point where you can say, “Hey, I’m at the East Pole now!” This is different from the North Pole, which was discovered, flagged, and drawn onto an Atlas hundreds of years ago.”

The distance between East and West is literally immeasurable.

And that’s how far our sins have been taken from us.

Pretty incredible. Especially since the Psalmist back in the Old Testament probably didn’t even know the geometric dimensions of the Earth, or even that a North Pole existed. Here’s proof that these Psalms are divinely inspired. Here’s proof that the Bible contains God-breathed Words, even down to the little metaphors and details.

Here’s proof that our Lord Jesus Christ paid the price for a result that remains infinitely immeasurable and unfathomable. How’s that for a reason to sing a praise song to our God?

Pic credits: http://www.geolounge.com/absolute-relative-location/


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