“Something About Delirium”

My contribution to the timeless genre of late night poetry, in which sleep-deprived students dating as far back as ancient Greek and Roman times collectively lament their woeful circumstances.

“Something About Delirium: No Edits Required”

In the midnight hours
more lights blink on
then in daylight hours…
then they keep blinking
and I must think
and keep thinking
at something more
Reach for more
of something
of anything
and sing
scratchily along
to a Youtube song
then blink
and stare again
at the cursor as it
blinks blinks blinks
“You must be strong!”
There’s more
than that, there’s more
than this, I think,
I really think
the missing link
is not some baboon
but an ice cream spoon
You must be wrong
I think you’re wrong
since every blink
blinks and blinks
brings me careening
towards the dreaded witching hours
where sticky coffee
and donuts gone sour
taste like dreamy moments
when I blink,
come awake
and stare again,
until rosy dawn
yawns awake
unnoticed by the light that blinks
on my screen
in a light white sheen
of sleep.


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