Email or E-mail?

A few days ago, I sat down and composed an email/e-mail.


Pretty normal affair. However.

As I typed, I happened to type out the word “e-mail”….and immediately got called out by my friend who exclaimed: “Wha-t!? What is that dash? You’re supposed to spell it as just “email”! E-m-a-i-l. Nobody ever uses “e-mail” with a dash these days. You are so 90s!”

OK, it took me a few seconds to get over that shock.

90s? Nineties?? Electronic mails were not even a major form of communication until the 21st century (right?). I refuse to believe that this is a legitimate accusation.

And there we have it; another dilemma which nobody cares about. But that also means no one has the answer to it. What’s the politically correct term?

A Grammar Girl article stated that at the “American Copy Editors Society meeting the editors of the Associated Press stylebook created a stir by announcing a change in their recommended spelling: “e-mail” is now “email.” OK, but official announcements don’t do much for the population at large, especially for non-committal issues like this. So what do you think?

Email or E-mail?


One thought on “Email or E-mail?

  1. birchjeremy March 19, 2015 / 10:32 pm

    I always go with “email.” It’s a word that’s been completely accepted both academically and vernacularly, and it’s also just more aesthetically pleasing sans hyphen (:

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