Crazy Love – a slice of Francis Chan

Reading through Christian books always turns out as one of three experiences:

1. I am edified, encouraged, and enabled to go out and live out the Word of God in my life.

2. I objectively realize the truth of the contents, but I can’t get past the horrible writing style.

3. I feel queasy while reading, and after a few days of thinking about it I figure out that it’s heresy.

Non-fiction Christian books generally tend to fall into #1 or #3. Fiction books fall into #2 most of the time – especially recently published ones. (I feel a strong need to put a disclaimer here: the quality of Christian literature should not be determined based on the uselessly large amounts of Christian romance novels in print right now.)

Francis Chan’s Crazy Love is one of those #1-type non-fiction books. It’s about God’s love. His love that is so big that it’s crazy. But in an infinitely good way.

I haven’t finished reading it yet, so I’ll hold off on any definite comments, but so far I have had to rethink my life more than once…always a good sign. That one chapter called “You May Not Finish This Chapter” just says it all in that title. Hey, you may not finish reading this blogpost! Are you ready for the moment you die? It may be right now. It may be tomorrow. No, really. It could actually be right now.

That’s mind-blowing, eye-opening, and definitely makes you re-consider what you’ll do before going to bed tonight.


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