Apparently, warm donuts are the best.

Credits to my good friend Victor for the following quote. He said the entire thing in one sitting, with no prior rehearsal or script. Made it up right on the spot in response to my question: Why would you want to heat your glazed donuts in the oven before you eat it?

“Just imagine, the sugary goodness melting against your fingers as you sink your teeth in what can only be described as heaven. The dough melting against your teeth. And just as you feel the pangs of sweetness….you take a sip of coffee. And BAM.”

Spoken in a contemplative, deliberate style, with dramatic pauses after every sentence. The dreamy look in his eyes can’t quite be captured in a blogpost, though.

But yeah, I’m sold. Krispy Kreme donuts that have been re-heated in the oven sounds mighty good about now.


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