5 Reasons I prefer Tea (over coffee)

  1. Unlike alcohol or coffee, Tea has zero or negligible amounts of caffeine and other unhealthy substances. They do say that one or two cups of coffee or wine is OK as long as you aren’t addicted or anything, but the fact remains that addiction or dependence is a possibility with these other drinks. Tea? No addictive substances. If there is, it’s extremely diluted. I can drink 4 cups of Tea and still fall asleep no problem.
  2. It smells good. Seriously, I drink it more for the aroma than the taste. Otherwise it would be too bitter to be worth sipping for an entire half-an-hour.
  3. Easy on the stomach. I can drink it in the morning on an empty stomach and be just fine, whereas coffee often gives my morning stomach acids a bit too much to work with.
  4. It’s easier to wash out of my pots and mugs than hot chocolate, coffee, or other hot drinks.
  5. I get to have a huge tea leaf collection in my cupboards, and feel sophisticated whenever I stare at it.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of being able to buy cute mugs and tea strainers.


In Weakness, Fear, and Trembling

Today is Valentine’s, and everyone is blogging about one of three things:

1. his or her significant other

2. his or her lack of a significant other

3. his or her unique approach in not talking about either #1 or #2

In any case, it’s Valentine’s. I’m ashamed to say I fall in the 3rd category. But I’m not ashamed, because this reminder has been good for me.

In 1 Corinthians 2, Paul reveals how he and the Corinthian church first met. Paul was weak from the physical and mental hardships he had been put through by his persecutors. He trembled, and feared…..but not because of the Corinthians, or his enemies. Yes, he had been put through some grinders, and those Pharisees were hot on his trail, but Paul trembles and fears the might of the God who is leading him more than the sufferings that trail along behind Him.

Of course, Paul was human too. He felt his own fear and the suffering acutely. But this did not stop him! His inability to get a coherent word out of his mouth (verse 3) or his foolish, jumbled speech did not stop him from telling the gospel to those Corinthians straight.  Paul confronts the people of one of the most religiously depraved cities this side of the continent, makes no effort to hide the fatigue in his bones and the absolute wreck that is his mind, because he knows: God’s in control.

And it works. The Corinthians come to know the Lord. I’m sure that the entire city didn’t just up and convert overnight. But some did. The audience of Paul’s letter here, they are the ones who came to believe in Jesus as their Lord, not because they were impressed by how good the Gospel sounded coming from this smart guy named Paul. No, it’s because God allowed them to see the beauty and love of the Gospel right through the Paul’s exhausted speech.

Missionaries go out when they have had enough training and have been spiritually prepared through personal devotionals, a thousand prayers both from their own hearts and the hearts of a 10,000-strong congregation, and handbooks that prepare them for the cultural differences to come. But Paul had none of these and he still managed to start the first Christian boom. His faith was solid, and God never fails. I may be weak, and I may fear man, but more so do I fear the Lord and tremble in His presence. And even more so is He able to convert one or a thousand through the stuttering words of some random dude, if He chooses to do so.

Now there is a general who can make the most of His soldiers, even the frailest one.

Apparently, warm donuts are the best.

Credits to my good friend Victor for the following quote. He said the entire thing in one sitting, with no prior rehearsal or script. Made it up right on the spot in response to my question: Why would you want to heat your glazed donuts in the oven before you eat it?

“Just imagine, the sugary goodness melting against your fingers as you sink your teeth in what can only be described as heaven. The dough melting against your teeth. And just as you feel the pangs of sweetness….you take a sip of coffee. And BAM.”

Spoken in a contemplative, deliberate style, with dramatic pauses after every sentence. The dreamy look in his eyes can’t quite be captured in a blogpost, though.

But yeah, I’m sold. Krispy Kreme donuts that have been re-heated in the oven sounds mighty good about now.