A Summer of Studying

I’ve done nothing but study this summer for the LSAT.

Everyone goes on and on about the difficultly of this test, the importance of it in law school applications (ONLY THIS AND YOUR GPA MATTERS, YO), the general usefulness of studying your brains out in the months leading up to it. There’s a small, but consistent headache that follows me around these days, not so much because of the pressure of studying, but by the act of studying itself.

Solving problem after problem of logical reasoning is not exactly a relaxing activity.

But at least I’m not stressed out. It’s actually quite scary, how calm I am. I think I can get at least an above-decent score. I would venture to guess my reality gauge isn’t quite comprehending the enormity of the LSAT. But then again, my reality gauge has never been quite at its 100%. Everything that happens to me, it takes a while to digest that it’s real.

Ever have that feeling? Where you witness what is happening to you as if it were a movie or a scene in a book?

That’s me, all the time.

And as I study in the libraries for hours and hours on end, even the reality of this moment fades away into a surreal feeling, as if I’m simply reading a line in a novel that goes something like this:

“She opened her book and began to solve the problems on the page. Hours went by this way; lunch came and went, and she was still studying.”

The reality of it is, literally, hours and hours, but it takes less than 10 seconds to read and understand that line before moving on.

That’s how it feels. When will reality hit?