Daily blogging: favorite childhood meal

Skipped a few, heading straight to Day 10. Finals week of my university really did a number on me. My head was pounding like crazy, and I had a bruise on my shin for some reason . . . but it is Saturday, it is Summer, and I am savoring every moment.

A favorite meal from my childhood….


Seriously, it’s amazing. Worth trying in small quantities.

Don’t give me that judging look. All the pre-meds (and actual doctors), don’t start on your dissertation on the health complications of raw food.

Cracking open a raw egg into a bowl of rice, mixing it with a pinch of table salt, and swirling it into a gooey, yellow, chewy bowl of goodness. That is where childhood lies, my friends…

My mom used to make it for me sometimes. Only when there was nothing left in the fridge on Saturday afternoons, mind you (we went grocery shopping on Sundays), but I still remember it as a distinctive flavor in my early memories.

She stopped making it for me sometime when I entered Junior High. I actually forgot about it for a while, until one day I was making fried eggs for myself and an inkling came to me: this raw egg looks kind of good.

Then it hit me: it is good! I’ve had it before!

I asked my mom a few days later why the raw eggs mixture never made it onto the table anymore (the fried eggs were delicious, by the way, though slightly burnt. My cooking skills are a bit . . . I’ll stop right there). Here is the reply she gave me:

“Isn’t it a bit gross now?”

I stood amazed.

Why would it be gross? Sure, I probably couldn’t stomach it in extra large soup bowls, especially right after a bumpy car ride, but I would still appreciate it as a light snack now and then.

So I guess, tomorrow’s afternoon tea menu has been decided.

P.S. not that we actually have afternoon tea. That would be awesome! But no, we do not live in Britain and my love for tea has not developed into a regular schedule yet. But soon. Soon. 


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