Daily Blogging: Freewrite on Music

(Here goes a highly self-centered, totally pointless post that is not quite coherent. I would appreciate if everyone did NOT take this as a representation of my writing style)

Headphones look cool. Whenever I pass by someone in school with headphones, either hanging from their necks or plugging up their ears, I just feel that their coolness factor goes up by 10 points. It’s a spiffy little accessory. It signifies hipness, a sense of aloofness from the rest of the world because it represents the power to cut off others from your awareness at any time, simply by putting them on and turning up the track.

My roommate has a pair of neon green and grey headphones, cushioned around the earmuff portion of it (what is that called again?), giving off a splendidly clear, insulated performance of the songs on her playlist. I always want to ask her if I can borrow it, just one day, so I can simply go around wearing it as decoration. But I don’t. Because in every sense of the word, that device is useless to me. This for the obvious reason that I don’t listen to music.

When do people listen to music? 

When they take a jog around the block, or they’re studying at home, when they’re simply relaxing or reading or cooking or cleaning. I think people often listen to music in the shower as well. 

And why do they listen to music during these times?

Because it’s fun, I guess, or it distracts them from the monotony of the task at hand, or on the opposite hand it helps them focus on what they need to get done . . .

I honestly can’t tell you, though everyone seems to have their own personla philosophy on why they listen to the music they do. I am the only college student I know who never really listens to music, whether it’s during school or at home, or anywhere really. I just don’t find any merit in it. It only distracts me from the studies I need to get done. And when I have free time…why should I listen to music? I could be doing something more productive, substantive.

Actually, music itself doesn’t interest me at all…I tried several times to get myself interested. Really, I did. I went on Pandora, downloaded Spotify, spent some time on Youtube…but all for naught. I can never find an artist or song that particularly pulls at me. I’ll thnk a song is good, yeah, but I don’t feel the need to pursue the matter further. 

I think the ones I appreciated the most were the songs that had very unique, well-crafted lyrics or an epic storyline in the original music video. So I think music isn’t my thing. It needs plot – a good plot – and an artistic, sophisticated finesse that can rarely be found in music lyrics today. Classical music is a bit better, but I don’t actively seek it out. The songs that tug on my heartstrings the most (if at all) are probably those from movies, TV shows, dramas, animes….things I have heard in relation to a story and really stuck, gaining meaning as a secondary source from the primary plot-driven element of the work.

What is a song?

A performed poem that often revolves around a theme or idea rather than a story.

Give me a book over a CD any day.


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