Daily Blogging: A Room Without Wi-Fi

Where I want to be, right here, right now. . . . instead of doing what I’m doing right here, right now.

It’s a room like any other. White plastered walls, soft carpet the color of ocean water in the tropical hemispheres, just bordering in green hues. A window with wooden lattices, with a view of a bare nameless tree, caught in the aftermath of a snowstorm. Coating the window panes are flecks of snow and icy sheets. The sky outside is grey, but here where I sit on my beanie cushion it is comfortable, warm, cozy.

A cup of earl grey tea sits steaming on my bedstand.

I reach over to take a sip, then put it down and turn on the lamp right next to it—it’s getting a bit dark in here. I flip a page in my book (maybe I’m reading Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky, or re-reading the Harry Potter series just for the heck of it. I don’t really know) and read on. Maybe in half-an-hour I’ll get up and flop down on my bed instead, to continue reading in a lop-sided position with my pillow somewhere underneath my body. Or I’ll go sit at the desk, and spin myself around and around on my swivel chair. Or maybe I’ll head to the large, mahogany bookshelf at the far side of the room, standing facing all the other pieces of furniture here, and browse for another book.

Titles that are gold-embossed as well as cheaply printed from Penguins Press line up in alphabetical order. They’re waiting to be read, and I’ll read all of them before the sun goes down, because there’s nothing else to do in here.

My laptop sits dead on my desk, lifeless without a router to connect it to the rest of the world outside. My phone has been abandoned on my bed; I don’t even pick it up. Wi-fi can’t reach up here, neither can 4G, so I’ll just sit in my room and read all day, enjoying the solitude that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth . . . at least, not around LA.

Complete silence. No vibrations, ringtones, Facebook notifications. No calls, text messages, or voicemails. No websites to browse, no posts to make, no accounts to check. I sit in suspension, isolated, and enjoy every minute of the peace that hangs in the silent air.


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